Tom Miller/ Painting / Holes, Walls and Slabs

Containing Architecture

Holes, Walls and Slabs are the focus of my most recent acrylic, architectural paintings. I use forced perspective and symmetry in my work as a structural limitation and as a metaphor or analysis of the political condition. I complicate the image by removing horizon lines.  This opens up the space.  These two-dimensional works are as much sculpture as drawing and painting.  As a result they reside in the middle ground between physical presence and illusion.  My imagery is defined by the thickness of the paint and surface textures.  These paintings are usually black, white or gray.    I use the monochromatic palette to reference truth and specificity.  I subvert this notion by concentrating the physicality of the paint on forming a structural image.  The monochromatic imagery is subtle, emphasizing the need to see.  The resulting image is constructed, ominous, precise and physical.

Holes, Walls and Slabs statement | 2011 | Holes, Walls and Slabs